Yes, you read it correctly; I have brought you all here to talk about the most popular topic: what is the strategy that all successful businesses use to move up the ladder. 

Everyone on the internet is being duped

To begin with, everyone on the internet is being duped; there is no such secret strategy written anywhere in the world that any businessman can use to climb the ladder. After speaking with many business owners from various industries, small and large, it became clear that there is no predefined set of rules or a strategy they are following to up their game in the market. 

Wake Up There Are Imposters

Many of them rush after tactics that others post on social media platforms on the internet, claiming that this individual or the business won a million dollars using this method or that their firm grew tenfold, and so on. Wake up, they are imposters. In the history of publications or video interviews, no well-known billionaire has come online and announced a plan he utilized to build a billion-dollar firm. Will this not make you all wonder why, if there was such a proven approach, and why wouldn’t everyone be doing the same and making millions? 

Everyone were so busy looking for a job 

After speaking so negatively, I truly did formulate some learning from many people or businesses who have scaled the ladder from beginning a business with 0 dollars in their bank account to a firm producing a million dollar turnover throughout the years. Who genuinely told me the truth, or what they have actually gone through!  The first and most prevalent thing everyone told me was “Capitalizing the early opportunity” which implies having a proactive approach to finding and capitalizing on favorable events or situations as early as possible in order to get a competitive edge and drive corporate success, they did start something while everyone else was busy looking for a job. They took the risk of beginning a business and expanded through time, not knowing what would happen tomorrow. 

It’s all About Connecting The Dots

After researching so many businesses, working with corporations, and setting up two businesses I discovered that people were seeking for patterns rather than strategies. When they noticed a trend, they began to connect the dots. And developed a strategy that works for their company, then expanded and began to adapt to new advancements. It was abundantly evident that no two businesses operate in the same way; each has its unique way of conducting business. It takes a team of brains to get an idea from concept to reality for the end user. What works for them may not be suitable for you.It is obvious that companies are designed to offer either a product or a service. So, how you see a pattern connecting to your target audience may differ from how another business sees it, so rather than adapting to any predefined set of strategies someone unknown to you has posted on the internet, it is best suited to actually jump into the rate race and see how well you connect the dots for yourself. 

Chandrashekar K M 


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